Vortrag: Kämpfe von Geflüchteten mit The Voice

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    Sonntag, 19.10.2014
    14.00 Uhr
    Neue Ph oder ZEP (genaue Infos auf dem Blog: Link unten)

    The new wave of refugee self determination that filled the air in the last 2 years expresses a clear justification of the long years Campaign for civil disobedience and self organisation championed by The VOICE Refugee Forum.

    The turning point of this confrontation dates back to the Karawane Festival 2010 "Unite against colonial Injustice" as preceding the "break Isolation" campaign that demanded an intensive empowerment of refugee self determination in lagers.

    With strategies targeted at liberating the Refugees fear of Freedom, we were able to build solidarity and break the isolation of the German state amongst them.

    Highlight on the new dynamics of refugee resistance and the actual situation of Refugee in last 2 years will be discussed with a view to critically evaluate the level of Solidarity and the way forward in Baden Württemberg.

    Der Veranstaltung findet im Rahmen des Recht auf Stadtkongresses 2014 in Heidelberg statt. Mehr Infos auf http://rechtaufstadt2014.wordpress.com

    Langtexte kommen meist von den VeranstalterInnen. Das Sozialforum ist hier nur Bote.